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God exists

Explore 30 plus proofs of God from the prosaic to a highly detailed theocracy that produces its own unique form of money and eliminates unemployment, debt, taxation, poverty and other social costs.

If you believe God exists or you think you can justify atheism this is the site for you. 


There is no logical way to refute the existence of God. There is no rational way to live or produce a stable social system devoid of a sense of God. This site proves one can deny God in words but it is a denial based on ignorance of what the atheist denies. Denial exists only when understanding is absent.


The Irrefutable fact

Atheism has no foundation in truth, reason or logic. It is an emotional response to what is for the atheist an unresolvable dilemma. God cannot be reconciled with the ego and objectives of atheists.

The existence of God cannot be refuted. The existence of God cannot be denied. It is logically, empirically and technically impossible to refute or deny the existence of God.

By definition God must exist. The very attempt to deny God requires the denier to deny the true nature of reality and lose any hope of solving the problems that plague society.

Atheists pretend to deny God, they make a demonstration of denying God but they never actually deny God, they deny a figment of their imagination, an illusion of God. Atheists create and reject a parody, they deny a figment of their imagination, a strawman and an abomination. Christians also deny these caricatures of God just as atheists and Christian alike agree the Flying Spaghetti Monster is just an abomination created by atheists. 

Denying God is akin to denying free will, one can do it but ultimately the denials sound ridiculous when pushed to the limit.  If you deny there is free will explain how causality allows for human freedom. It can be done if one loses all sense of what free will actually is. 

Interestingly, the atheists who attempts to produce a consistent world view by denying God is left with no way to account for free will or responsibility. The impact of atheism on a persons psyche constitutes one of the strongest evidences for God's Existence.

The Arguments

  1. The Argument From Change.     
  2. The Argument from Efficient Causality.  
  3. The Argument from Time and Contingency.          
  4. The Argument from Degrees of Perfection.           
  5. The Design Argument.    
  6. The Kalam Argument.     
  7. The Argument from Contingency.              
  8. The Argument from the World as an interacting whole.   
  9. The Argument from Miracles.      
  10. The Argument from Consciousness.          
  11. The Argument from Truth.            
  12. The Argument from the Origin of the Idea of God.              
  13. The Ontological Argument. *       
  14. The Moral Argument *   
  15. The Argument from Conscience  
  16. The Argument from Desire           
  17. The Argument from Aesthetic Experience              
  18. The Argument from Religious Experience               
  19. The Common Consent Argument               
  20. The Argument Of Pascal’s Wager                
  21. he Vestigial Organs Argument     
  22. Argument From Evil          
  23. Argument From Economics           
  24. Argument from Coherency           
  25. Argument From Last Man Standing           
  26. Argument From Faith Versus Works Conundrum  
  27. Two Arguments From Atheism    
  28. The Argument from Skeptism      
  29. An argument From History (book)             
  30. The Scientific Proof Of God           
  31. Argument From The church
  32. Argument From Creation
  33. Argument From Incoherency

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